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Photo 11 Sep 70 notes Heike, brilliant as usual

Heike, brilliant as usual

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More Submission and Fetishism

Sehr gut.
Photo 16 Aug 37 notes Heike. Terrific.

Heike. Terrific.

Photo 16 Aug 73 notes Gael. Lovely!

Gael. Lovely!

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Nadja. Wonderful.

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Michelle, remembered fondly

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Ama Lara of Spain


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Absolutely love Sophia Black

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Mistress Adrienne



Mistress Adrienne


Photo 11 Aug 60 notes Ah, Sidonia

Ah, Sidonia

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Mistress Sidonia


Mistress Sidonia

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One of my favourite films of last year! @sadoladies ICE COLD WHIPPING!

See the movie here! 

Agreed, a very good film, although I wish they would stop using that idiot ‘howler’ slave.

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