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Mistress Sidonia


Mistress Sidonia

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One of my favourite films of last year! @sadoladies ICE COLD WHIPPING!

See the movie here! 

Agreed, a very good film, although I wish they would stop using that idiot ‘howler’ slave.

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Sophia Black

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Sidonia. Excellent.

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via Whip.
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Beautiful sadistic work from Mistress

Lady Pascal, excellent

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Nuevo Orden Mundial Femenino: devolviendo los hombres al lugar que les corresponde.

Some nice Sarka and Jana from the 90s.

Photo 18 Jun 151 notes Lady Ramirez, a favorite.

Lady Ramirez, a favorite.

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Leather Lady, a classic.

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Terrific pic of Natalie Black.

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Everybody loves Heike


Everybody loves Heike

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Always reblog Kristen.

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